Kat better be upright

I have been on this earth for 37 years, I don’t have any answers, rather I have a list of things that work for me. I am married with two cats and possibly a puppy on the way (we need a fence first). I live life in the middle of no-where Virginia in a subdivision in the middle of farmland – more common than you ever want to know.  I love the snow, hate the humidity and if I was in charge of the blasted weather it would be 70 all year round except for 2 weeks in winter where it got cold enough to kill the bugs and snow – probably why I won’t ever be in charge of the thermostat. My husband and I don’t have children, though we are trying – we have had miscarriages – those suck. Overall we have a pretty good life.

I am not a professionally trained artist or jewelry maker, I am self taught in all the things I do and create. The most “training” I have had was two sculpture classes in college and welding and crafting my Granddad taught me when I was younger. I began by simply needing a creative outlet, my friends told me to stop making things and giving them away and start selling… so I did. I can be found at shows like Ravencon, Intervention, Balticon, Fredericksburg Pagan Pride Day, and other area and local craft fairs as well as an online shop to buy items from the comfort of your home.

I also sell Younique Makeup and Skincare products, you can learn more via the facebook group or my Younique website. I never thought I would be a part of a Direct Sales company because I am really not a “Sales person”. I fell in love with the makeup and skincare items, so I decided to sell. It helps cut the cost of my addiction to the product and brings in a little income to my family.